School of Allied Health


NTI offers the following School of Allied Health programs. Click on a Program Name/Syllabus link to view a program syllabus.

Program Name/SyllabusAbbreviationCreditsProgram HoursPreparation Hours
Clinical Medical Assistant 1CMA138661165
Clinical Medical Assistant 2CMA2611111277
Medical Coding and BillingMCB40800200
Medical Lab Assistant 2MLA236630157
Medical Office Assistant 2MOA233675168
Phlebotomy/EKG TechnicianPHL/EKG715036

Program Hours / Course

NTI School of Allied Health programs represent various combinations of courses. The table below specifies the number of program hours per course. The numbers with asterisks in the CMA2 column indicate CMA1 prerequisite program hours. Click on a Course Name/Syllabus link to view a course syllabus.

Course Name/SyllabusCourse #CMA1CMA2MCBMLA2MOA2PHL/EKG
Introduction to Allied HealthSAH-0015050*50505050
Medical TerminologySAH-0027575*757575
Anatomy and Physiology 1SAH-0047575*757575
Anatomy and Physiology 2SAH-0057575*757575
Professional Development for Allied HealthSAH-01225252525
Computer Skills for Allied HealthSAH-00375757575
Electronic Health RecordsSAH-0067575*757575
Pharmacology for Allied HealthSAH-007505050
Medical BillingSAH-0087575*7575
Medical Coding 1SAH-009100100
Medical Coding 2SAH-010125125
Administrative Medical AssistingSAH-017100
Medical Office ManagementSAH-01175
Phlebotomy SkillsSAH-0138080*8080
EKG SkillsSAH-0142020*2020
Medical Assisting SkillsSAH-015136136*
Medical Lab SkillsSAH-01680

Preparation Hours / Course

The table below specifies the number of preparation hours per course. The numbers with asterisks in the CMA2 column indicate CMA1 prerequisite preparation hours.

Course Name/SyllabusPreparation #CMA1CMA2MCBMLA2MOA2PHL/EKG
Introduction to Allied HealthSAHP-0011010*10101010
Medical TerminologySAHP-0021919*191919
Anatomy and Physiology 1SAHP-0041919*191919
Anatomy and Physiology 2SAHP-0051919*191919
Professional Development for Allied HealthSAHP-0126666
Computer Skills for Allied HealthSAHP-00319191919
Electronic Health RecordsSAHP-0061919*191919
Pharmacology for Allied HealthSAHP-007131313
Medical BillingSAHP-0081919*1919
Medical Coding 1SAHP-0092525
Medical Coding 2SAHP-0103232
Administrative Medical AssistingSAHP-01725
Medical Office ManagementSAHP-01117
Phlebotomy SkillsSAHP-0132020*2020
EKG SkillsSAHP-01466*66
Medical Assisting SkillsSAHP-0153434*
Medical Lab SkillsSAHP-01620